The Story goes on....
Thursday, July 16, 2009
3:23:00 PM

Too much time.

And so the story continues here! :D Livejournal here I come!

&the beauty.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009
9:37:00 PM

"You Can" by
David Archuleta

Take me where I've never been,
Help me on my feet again.
Show me that good things come to those who wait.
Tell me I'm not on my own.
Tell me I won't be alone.
Tell me what I'm feelin' isn't some mistake.
'Cause if anyone can make me fall in love,
You can.

Save me from myself, you can.
And it's you and no one else.
If I could wish upon tomorrow,
Tonight would never end.
If you asked me, I would follow.
But for now, I just pretend.
'Cause if anyone can make me fall in love,
You can.

Baby, when you look at me,
Tell me, what do you see?
Are these the eyes of someone you could love?
'Cause everything that brought me here,
Well, now it all seems so clear.
Baby, you're the one I've been dreamin' of.
If anyone can make me fall in love,
You can.

Save me from myself, you can.
And it's you and no one else.
If I could wish upon tomorrow,
Tonight would never end.
If you asked me, I would follow.
But for now, I just pretend.
'Cause if anyone can make me fall in love...

Only you can take me sailin' in your deepest eyes.
Bring me to my knees and make me cry.
And no one's ever done this,
Everything was just a lie.
And I know, yes I know...

This is where it all begins,
So tell me it'll never end.
I can't fool myself,
It's you and no one else.
If I could wish upon tomorrow,
Tonight would never end.
If you asked me, I would follow.
But for now, I just pretend.
If anyone can make me fall in love,
You can.

Show me that good things come to those who wait

Amazing song. (:

Fun day today! Lunched at Swensen's, salmon & mushroom baked rice sucked. But the mixed vegetables for side dish was great. Walked about Ikea, rotted at the cafeteria. lol. Fun Fun. ;)

Future. Imminent, impending, uncertain.

Whoever wouldn't wonder what the future has in stall for us?
But do we really want to know exactly?
Having an inkling has already unsettle the heart much.
So to what use am I fathoming over the unfathomable future?
Brushing it off, as always... lol.

Baby Panda!! <3

&the beauty.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009
3:48:00 PM

Failed Driving!!! Everything just went wrong. Rained. Freaked out. Don't know what the heck.

Reverse parking - had to try twice coz I mixed the poles up.

Slope rolled back thrice. Was pretty confident during my last few lessons, so I don't know why. Rawr!! I keep saying "Oh man!" in the car lol lol lol. In my mind I know I would fail already. ><

Strike kerb during directional change. Which kinda made failing so much closer. Uncalled for. Always had no problems for directional change at all. But I had 14 demerit points for that. Argh. 10 for striking kerb because the car was too much towards the left side of the lane, 4 coz I didn't look behind, panicking.

Turned the steering wheel while car's stationary during parallel parking. Crap. Did I?

Earned 26 points in the circuit alone. Who can screw up more than I did? Lol!

So I got a nice 38 demerit points for my first practical test! THIRTY EIGHT! Can't blame the rain, only myself. Lacked practice and everything. Pretty wrecked up after the test. So glad Louis came to company me, made my evening much much much better. Whew.

Haven't booked the retest yet! Contemplating on changing the teacher. But maybe not. See how.

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Friday, July 03, 2009
1:44:00 PM

I knew what I've signed up for. So what can I do? Argh.

&the beauty.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009
9:50:00 AM

Went down to SMU, registered for the Business Camp. Accounting camp rejected me coz I haven't matriculate yet, oh well save the 30 bucks. The people there were really friendly anyway! Camp would be fun!!
Can't wait for school to start now, there's really nothing much to do these days. Boooo.

Kat had cravings for Gelare waffles since last week, so E-Hub! we went yesterday. Caught Transformers. The 2 and the half hours whizzed by so fast. I was expecting at least another hour of action when the credits started rolling in. haha! Robots........ I think I prefer those fighter planes, and cars! But the red and green twin robots are cute! And yah Megan Fox is hot no doubt. Woo.

Which reminds me, kept going Pasir Ris during the last few weeks.

KBOX at EHub! with the usual singing kakis 2-3 weeks back. In a way to celebrate Eden's passing of his driving test!

And then celebrated my nephew's birthday at Escape Theme Park 2 weeks ago tgthr with my half-sister, and his friends (who were identical twins!). Aww so cute the little kids. So I was with 3 little cute boys and their moms the entire afternoon, though a little awkward, I still enjoyed myself. Point to note: I love kids! But I certainly don't like having to handle them. Geeee naughty playful boys. Being a mom ain't that simple!! And then to EHub's Cathay, caught Ghost of the Girlfriend's Past with L. Romance comedy is always seemingly enjoyable.

Another time was to go back to MJC to collect A lvl cert.
And once was just chilling at Whitesand's Coffee Club (the red round sofas look so comfy!!!), headed to the beach when we realize there was a mangrove swamp reserve which I never knew. Walked the trail for awhile. Spotted squirrels! Cute! And there were loads of spider-like black crabs that house themselves in little holes. Gives me the creeps. Nature walks are nice though.

Crashed Kat's place two times. Watched movie. One was Mall Cop (lol), the other was The Knowing. I remembered saying I wanted to watch The Knowing 2 months ago, but I didn't. So we watched on her laptop. It was intriguing what with a prophecy made 50 years ago and numbers telling dates of disasters and numbers!! I thought it was rather nice, mysterious in some sense, some scary heart-thumping moments as well, and whats more there was Nicholas Cage. BUT, the ending totally ruined it. Aliens to the rescue. Gosh. =.="

Driving test in 6 days! Had to wake up at 6.30 this morning. Went for circuit. Kept turning my head to check blind spots etc, until I became kinda nauseous, wanted to vomit lol. Felt so uncomfortable on the bus back. Or maybe lack of sleep.

Rawr. /rest.

What would become of us? We'll be walking different paths for a long while. But I hope they would fuse as one when the time comes... Be it years.

History won't repeat. Period!

&the beauty.

Sunday, June 21, 2009
5:17:00 PM

Alot of people have been asking, so what have I been doing now that I'm not working, not studying, not anything at all.

Everyone reckons I'm really free now, but I don't know why, somehow I just find myself lacking some time and space to just sit down, relax, chill, read a book in peace. Or maybe my heart's always not at peace, ever since... And the weather isn't helping either.
So what exactly have I been doing?!
Mind feels pretty messed up. Going out, swimming, singing, going for Soka activities, driving, kat's place, my place, my park...
Still pretty worried over driving. Stupid clutch. I will master you tomorrow!

So I'm just whiling most of my time away. School camps will start in a month's time, and school in two months. I'm lying if I said I feel nothing over these. Afraid is one thing, afraid that the school's environment is so gonna pull my life-plug. It's SMU and I've heard awful stories. But I know I'll pull through, like how I pulled through my entire academic life. I wonder what kind of a person I'll be one year down the road.. how my life would be... hypothetical questions. we'll see.

And I keep letting minor stuffs get into me. Shouldn't really. Rawr!

&the beauty.

Thursday, June 18, 2009
12:47:00 PM

Caught Land of the Lost on Tuesday. It was a stupid movie, but funny all the same. Sexual humour involved hahahahaha! But yea, stupid. If you want to just have a laugh and destress, this would be it.

Went for swimming with kat yesterday. Swam a total of 4 laps, having breaks here and there. Hahahaha. Kat had quite a few laughing fits in the pool. She has gone crazy. But anyway I swear I won't go to a public pool ever again!!!!! Yucks YUCKS!!

DRIVING sucked. =( Clutch control problem. How on earth do you start up a car without the whole car vibrating? I just want a smooth go. How?!??!?! 3 weeks to go and I'm still stuck with the most basic problem.

Know you can do better. ><

&the beauty.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
12:01:00 PM

What a week! Four days at the PC show, standing for 12 hours, talking non-stop. I'm dehydrated right now... lips cracking, tired still. Wooo. But fun! Sales may not be my thing but at least I don't suck at it too bad. hahaha. Thanks to those who dropped by my booth to say hi or pass me stuffs to drink/eat :D

Met all kinds of customers, from straight-forward decisive ones - "Ok i'll get this" after looking at the display for only 2 mins, to those who came back the third time and walked away in the end, and those fussy cheapskate customers who negotiate for a good 30mins wanting blah blah and blah and WALKED off buying from other salesperson. It can be pretty frustrating. Then there are those that came back to you because you attended to them before, that feeling is gratifying (:

Whatever it is, it's over and I'm glad! Got to know alot of people, but whether we keep in touch or not is another thing, haha. Reality of life. Well! It's official rotting time? I want to sing!! lol! Hoarse voice I have right now.

&the beauty.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009
3:57:00 PM

Anyway, I haven't pack those books yet. lol!

Been going City Hall the past 3 days. Product trainings, class gathering, hanging out <3! And also from this coming Thurs to Sunday as well for the IT Fair. It all spells one word - SIAN! So gonna wish this week would pass fasterrrrrrr.

Would be chionging driving lessons next week. 3 times a week! Intensive. My instructor kept telling me to go slow as usual... he kept saying I'm not going for a racing competition >< Alright keep slow and steady, within 40kmph during gear 3 till I pass my TP. then Vroooooooom! Fun.

&the beauty.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009
9:20:00 AM

Whiling my time away! I need to find something to do. @.@ Feeling so empty these days. boooooooo!
To think I said I miss having too much time. ><

Went to Expo for the food fair yesterday, and then T3, then E-Hub. Imagine the fare!
Soya bean flavoured yoghurt/ice-cream is yucky.

The sun's scorching hot. I used to think sunny days are cheerful, optimistic, carefree, happy. Somehow, the heat radiating all around just can't seem to warm the heart inside. Fail man. I'd better do something before it's too late! rawr!!!!!
Ok pack books. Mom's been talking about it since a month ago and I still haven't pack them yet!

&the beauty.

Friday, May 29, 2009
8:03:00 PM

Work has ended for reallll!! Again, bidding the last goodbye.

It was a pleasant surprise during the farewell lunch today.. after eating they presented me a big envelope and in it was a self-created "Certificate of Achievement" for me! It was really sweet of them! And it has touched me in a sense. =) So I've worked at Schindler for a good 11 weeks... Much that I was looking forward to the end of my contract, I found myself wishing I had carried on working. The everyday routine of lunching out with different people at different places, feels really wonderful and I'll certainly miss it alot. I guess it's my good fortune having to get to work with these people, especially with my two direct supervisors who are really friendly, and funny all the same. =) They brighten the mundane office life. Though I can't say the work there is anything productive for my brains, I've learnt a horde of stuffs about life, about the working world, how good bosses should be like, etcetc.

And so, this chapter has closed on me. What's next? IT Fair! Four Days of endless speaking and persuading. Should do some good in honing my confidence. :D

This week was a blue one. I'm glad the blueness is fading. Somehow, during such periods anything comes into me easily. Gets me pondering on stuffs. Over-thinking. Happiness reigns over all else! =)
Alright going for a jog down at the park. Woooooo! First time.

&the beauty.

Monday, May 25, 2009
8:06:00 PM

Another week flew by. Back to Monday! It's my last week at Schindler. I'm so gonna miss the people there. Yucks, I hate bidding goodbye; especially if it's the last.

It's the bluish period that always come before the red does, like always. If anyone even understands. lol. Feeling a whole lot vulnerable. Dread. There's something wrong, and to make the matter worst like it isnt already bad enough, I can't seem to put a finger on what it is wrong. At all. And this really sucked a hell load. No one would understand, I don't need anyone to understand either because I don't understand myself. Succumbing, once again. Rahhh!

Caught two movies last week. Angels & Demons and Night at the Museum 2.

The first movie's great!!!!!!!!!!!! Caught it with Louis. Enjoyed the thrill, and the twists, and all the amazing facts I have never known before. I like surprises thrown right at my face. Feels awesome to get awed haha! Reading the book makes me understand the story more, which is good. Been long since I've got down to reading a book that really interests me.

I thought I would be rotting the Saturday away, was almost falling asleep infront of the lappy when Eden called and asked if I wanna come out, eat something... clad in my OGL shirt and pants (because I thought I would just be out for awhile...) and in a moment roland n him came to fetch me. Got Yilin too and we went Downtown East, when they suggested watching Night at the Museum 2. I gotta say, the first movie's better, much much better. I remembered laughing alot and enjoying thoroughly the first movie. But this, pretty much cold, mmmmm no hearty laughters.. The theatre was freezing. No jacket.

Movie ended, went to Simpang, met up ZE, Grace and ZE's sister for dinner. How weird, because the day before my colleagues and me went Simpang for lunch as well. So that's two days in a row going there. Missed that place. Used to live near there. Went home after dinner... getting late... for my standards. lol.

I guess I'm feeling a notch better. Writing helps, even when I'm not exactly writing what I'm emoting.

&the beauty.

Sunday, May 17, 2009
5:12:00 PM

Went for K-session again... lol! This time we went to Chai Chee CC, which was so darn cheap!!!! When we called to book, they were saying $10/person, special student price. But when we were there they told us "oh we have special student price, $5/person now" for 5 long hours!

Reached the place with Eden, Roland and Yilin first.. Roland drove us there! So cool having friends that could drive. And it's my first time meeting Roland and Yilin. Roland's one wacky lame guy but can't deny he's really a damn nice person at the same time! Yilin the sweet girl, though quiet I could tell she's really nice as well! In summary, all of Eden's friends are nice, so he said. :D

ZE and Dom arrived next. And then Mengyee and Grace. There was a misunderstanding midway, kinda scared me for awhile but lucky all's fine after awhile. I sang till my voice was really hoarse when I was about to sleep. I like the duet "PK" by Gary Cao and Liang jingru. =))) Hard to find guys who could sing like Cao ge, but, ZE darn nice lah!!!
And Eden, enjoy the subtleness =))))

I couldn't join them for dinner, rushed home for this soka planning for next Sunday's youth meeting. I'm glad the planning went really smoothly, and all was done in an hour. Glad that we're becoming more efficient heheh

As my mind scour through the pages of the past few months, I can feel this awed, amazed feeling resonating inside... The floating elation makes everything feel like just a dream, a really sweet dream. And the fact I am living this very dream leaves me feeling extremely gratified.
But with these, comes fear, inevitably or not. Not overwhelming fear, just a little tingling in some corner somewhere. The fear of what the future would paint, the fear of whether this would stay; and how far it would stretch. All that's to come... scary, yet exciting.
The intensity, the thrill, the warmth, the calm and coolness, security.
I've trudged onto the same grounds once again, but this time, i'm savouring something entirely different. Something truer than all that ever happened. Something too colourful I could hardly describe.

I dunno which version I prefer, Kelly Clarkson's or Leona Lewis's, but I love this song all the same.

A Moment Like This

What if I told you
It was all meant to be
Would you believe me,
Would you agree
It's almost that feelin'
That we've met before
So tell me that you don't think I'm crazy
When I tell you love has come and now...
A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime,
For a moment like this
Some people search forever,
For that one special kiss
Oh, I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime,
For a moment like this
Everything changes
But beauty remains
Something so tender
I can't explain
Well I maybe dreamin'
But 'till I awake
Can we make this dream last forever
And I'll cherish all the love we share

&the beauty.

Friday, May 15, 2009
10:48:00 PM

I love this week! I love the hanging-outs!
And I need a time remote. Wish I could manipulate time. Freeze it, fast forward it, slow it down, replay! 050309.

The course you accept SMU - Double Degree: Bachelor of Business Management/Bachelor of Accountancy has been registered by theJoint Acceptance system.on 15 May 2009, 10:54:54 PM Thank you.
At long last after a month of procrastination and hesitation. (: SMU here I come!

2 more weeks till the end of my contract... How much I miss the smell of having too much time. It's so coming. (:

&the beauty.

Monday, May 11, 2009
7:16:00 PM

My birthday came and went.

Surprises springing from everywhere, good and bad. haha.

Friday night; had to head to Raffles Place for TMSA meeting. I told Eden it would end late around 9pm but he insisted he and the others would find me after that, there. The meeting ended at 9.20pm, called him, and he said meet at the station. First surprise of the night - finding only Dom there. He waited for 45mins gee felt bad

We left for tamp station to find kat there, followed by Grace. I know now they're up to something!! Walked to Tamp Library. Crossed the road over to the park. They blindfolded me with this white bandage!! Kat guided me to wherever the rest are... and I walked so slow... because i kept imagining there were drains infront of me.

And when I finally reached, i kinda smelled stuffs burning, and I thought it was the cake. but goodness!! They lit my name with candles on the ground. it was so so sweet. I was shock, really. And they made me blow allllllllll the candles out. Pity, it was a pretty sight! =) And the cake arrived! Swensen's cake sponsored by Dominic cuz his PI had exceeding expectation (i had little credits to it though, i just tweak a few of his sentences). Thanks man! Chocolate Vanilla ice-cream cake. Awesome. =) Oh wait, there was the gift too. Eden's idea. Because he read my messages. Hilarious. hahahah =) =) no idea when i'll use it. seriously. And the card was lovely with the Pikachu!!!! Really cute!!!

And then we took photos! Credit to dom once again since he brought the camera. =)
Thanks so much Eden for organizing this entire surprise celebration! Threw me off my feet really. And sorry for for all the trouble you had to go through, it was way taxing. >.<

And also thanks ZE, Grace, Kat, Mengyee, Dominic for joining the celebration and helping in one or another! Really lovely to know these people. Some whom I've only just knew for awhile and yet they did so much!!!

Though the whole celebration lasted for about an hour, it was truly memorable. A memorable 19th b'day. You guys made my night. =)

Saturday was yet another amazing day! Just me and Louis spending the day in town, or near town. We went to the new mall at Bugis, Iluma (reminds me of I love u, ma!) to catch Star Trek at FilmGarde. Theatre was cool! The ticket stubs quite of a novelty from the conventional cathay GV ones. Star Trek was cool too, in a sense. The graphics, the navigating of spaceship. Just that I don't 'get' such movies... hahahaha. I still prefer thrillers and romance! On our way to Raffles City, we dropped by the Mint museum of toys. Sounds like a really nice place. haha, but it was really small, though 4 levels. Collectibles, origins of disney characters etc etc. Mickey Mouse looked really ugly when it was first created. And there were the Five Little Nigger Boys that was really funny because they were so black, and the photo was really dark without flash too so you could barely make out the dolls from the photo. They gave us some $5 voucher so we used it to buy tea, and left for dinner at marina square... Forgot which restaurant we ate, but it was a jap one, quite cheap too. I think Kat will know. Went to the river side near esplanade to chill and =) I love it!!! Thanks dude if u even see this!! =)

Headed back to Tamp, walked about for awhile. Sat at the park. The moon was really pretty against the dark sky. A pity the sky was star-less, thanks to raining clouds. Still, =) .......

Went home. And yet another 'surprise'. Which, I should not even bother to remember because I know things will become better... And I'm really glad you're back. Thanks for coming back Stan. Sincerely.

And Kat had her own surprise too that night! hoho. I still find it unbelievable how uncanny things can get!

I'm emotionally overloaded now. Not stress. Just brimming with emotions. None of sadness, thankfully.

Oh yeah, I drove my mom's car illegally just now, when she got down to da pau dinner. Goodness. Goodnesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.


&the beauty.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009
12:01:00 AM

I need periodic reflections. :( good night.

&the beauty.

Monday, May 04, 2009
8:26:00 PM

May 4th!!!! 5 more days till I'm 19! 19 sounds weird. Neither here nor there. Alright, maybe more to the old side. Gahh I'm getting old. And once again, time flies like hell fast. NINETEEN.

I don't know why but I've been feeling physically tired for the past 3 days, wonder what's up with me. And no, I'm not stressed out. ><

Went for a reallllllly short swim yesterday at eden's condo. Barely 40 minutes. It's been so long! The last I touched a pool was during WWW last dec. There were plenty of clouds ytd afternoon, meaning that the sun wasn't glaring at all so I wouldn't get tan =p soothing. Cabbed to Teoheng, we were running late. Because apparently everyone's addicted to Blackshot (=.=") ok I spent the time reading this really sweet yet bitter diary of someone's love life. It kinda touched me in a way... tsk tsk. hmmm...

Singing was great. I don't know like half of the eight in the room. Two of them came solely just to share the ktv costs (that's what they said), because they refused to sing until the last hour. =_= They were all pretty friendly people, and one of them was especially playful, in the gay way. If you see my facebook album you'd know who. But he sure is one smart kid! So many scandals ............................................................. gosh. gays. Or probably gayswannabe. We ended at 9pm, and had late dinner there. They were all snatching for zE's hand. =__= And I wonder what's with the 302 form the NS guys were talking about.

And my beloved guess watched broke down on me. It was 5 mins slower and I just wanted to tune it back and boo, the seconds hand didn't wanna budge. Hope dad would bring it to the repairs for me. I don't wanna have to go down all the way to somerset >.<

&the beauty.

Saturday, May 02, 2009
9:42:00 AM

GOSH. I just realised it's MAY. MAY MAY MAY!

I mean I know it's May already obviously but the full realisation just hit me.

How time flies. I'm really amazed.

Why do good times always fly so fast!

So should I be happy because there were good times, or sad because they flew by too fast? ><

&the beauty.

9:22:00 AM

Using my Touch to blog. Slow typing ......

Had a great badminton session yesterday. By saying great I meant the work-out was good, and I didn't sucked like I did the last round. Zhiyuan's still as good, making ppl run! I changed my racket's grip. It's bright yellow now, though already partially stained, bleh.

Went for lunch, and they suggested LAN >< kinda reluctant because I simply suck at L4d. (And at all the guy's games, so I'd probably just stick to o2jam and the likes.) 3 girls versus 3 guys! Talk about fairness. Lost every single round, except for the last cuz I migrated over.

So when we were about to pay, kat realized her purse was missing. Searched all around, even viewed the CCTV, which was so darn blur, lag. Why on earth would they install such a low quality CCTV, wasting space. Kat concluded some KID in red shirt, barely 12 I guess, stole it and left. It's really heart-wrenching knowing such people exist, and worst that he's just a kid, and that they'd probably be feeling so elated they've got more cash to spend on games and their conscience won't even tickle. It's plain unlucky to have the day ended like this. it was just a moment of distraction. Reported at the police station for a good two hours.

Kat came over to my house, and I could feel my mom's hint of irritance again arghhh. I hate it she has to be so critical sometimes. Still she's my mom what could I do.

Wished that she could let a few more reins off me. =.= gee i won't start lamenting on all the freedom thingy again. Sobs.
Irony of life. Then again, I bet I would be wishing for some sort of restrictions placed upon me if my mom were to completely let loose of me. Lol complications. We're always wanting what we don't have. True?

&the beauty.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
10:50:00 PM

Daily blogging can be a real challenge. (:

Been returning home straight after work these days... Feels wonderfully nice to just lay flat on the bed, and relishing on the fact that there's simply nothing at all to do, nothing at all to attend to. Relaxed. Lazing around. Lying down. Facial. Lights out. Thinking. (: It's been a darn long while. Hectic has spelt my life for the last 2 months.

But it'll all end soon, come end May. So gonna look forward to these days. More time for everything. COME QUICK COME QUICK! 21 working days to go! Countdown.

I went for a haircut! Short fringe now!!

&the beauty.

Sunday, April 26, 2009
10:19:00 PM

THE WEATHER is going crazy. Global sauna. But yesterday's evening sun was a perfect fit for a ride along East Coast Park. And the company was great; summing up to a very pleasurable evening (:
Pretty sight!

Sometimes, I wish that time would pass slower whenever you want it too.

4-Div Meeting this afternoon. The topic was on depression. The atmosphere was pretty light at first as we touched on the symptoms, likely causes... etc... until this member spoke up, and on a very solemn note she talks about how we all shouldn't speak as if depression was of light matter because she herself experienced depression and she knows the severity of it. She talked about how she has suffered for 4 years and is still suffering from depression; how she has attempted suicides for 9 times, and the 9th being last Sunday. Imagine the awkward silence in the room. It was suppose to be a cheery, light-hearted meeting but I could feel the tension. Hmm. Got me thinking sometimes I do tend to take things lightly. Have to keep in mind that some serious matters ought to be thought of seriously, and to be considered thoroughly.

Alright gotta snap out of this!

Rose-making lessons for Kat at Marina Square after that! She wanted to make for her mom for mother's day. Called Eden to come along too. But I guess the main main main agenda was to find nms. So she finally saw him after.......... hmmm 1 month over? Wonder how she feels (:
Hanged around at long john silver, tried to teach them how to make roses while I made a few! Failed teaching them! CMI. Went on to make rings instead. lol.
OK Eden has a flair in making rings!!! Woot. Guess the theme of his rings would be "Garden of Eden"! Roses and vines.

Alright. I dunno how to describe what's going in my mind now. Feels all fuzzy. I think I need sleep. ZzzZzz.

&the beauty.

Friday, April 24, 2009
10:55:00 PM

If I thought the 2 hrs+ over SMU Biz interview was long, I'm so wrong. The scholarship 'interview' lasted a whole day... 10am - 7pm! But it wasn't any 'interview'. It feels like orientation to me. We were grouped in 8's and 9's together with 2 facilitators; got into this small study room where we sat on the floor since there weren't enough chairs for us all. Makes everything seem less formal. Round of introduction. Suppose to take something out of ur wallet that speaks of something about yourself. And I took out my new GV popcorn card cuz I love watching movies lately! Caught loads this year man. Fun. Fun.

And we got down on doing a business proposal - How to increase sales revenue of handmade notebooks for this organization Society of the Physically Disabled. And to prepare for a presentation at the end of 3 hrs. Was expecting a twist, and indeed there was. Half hr before time's up we had to do up an advertisement on a whiteboard marker and AAA batteries. Totally unrelated, totally random, totally up to your imagination. The group splitted since there really wasn't enough time at all. Me and two others did this impromptu advertisement, which was completely lame and made no sense at all but yea at least it was a little laugh! We didn't even have time to rehearse for our presentation. Entered the lecture room, sat through 3 other group's presentation + QnA before it was our turn. Not bad! Went back to room and slacked for 1hr + before they called us to the board room. Asked those difficult questions like who should be booted, why you deserve the scholarship blah. Gah, hate those.

Great thing is the people in my group were really friendly people! One of them was a SPY! He's already a scholar, just wanted to see how we are really like without the eyes of our facilitators. Really really surprised when he revealed his true identity. Didn't suspect at all.

Few of us went for dinner at The Cathay after that. They were all people from different walks of life and that day was quite an eye-opener. Makes me feel all the more excited about university's life!! Then again, thinking of tutorials, lectures............. Mixed feelings about that. Ah well, still long!

Just wanna enjoy all that I can now =)

&the beauty.

Friday, April 17, 2009
11:16:00 PM

Ups & downs this week. Over-turning included. Pretty much the likes of a roller coaster ride. Morbid dread, demise, let-downs, disappointments, pleasures, realisations, elation, celebrations that weren't really celebrations, losing a friend. Overwhelmed. :O

Anyhow, I've got accepted into SMU and NTU's double degree programme. Most probably heading to SMU, dunno what I'm hesitating though lol. & will be having SMU's scholarship interview on Tuesday. Nervousness not here yet.

Watched "17 Again". It was a pretty good laugh. And I like how it has a meaningful hint to it.
Can I have my 2nd take on life too?

People walk in and outta your life.
A few came into my life, caused a hellstorm, and walked out like nothing happened.
A bunch came in, and together we had great loads of fun. But they, too, left.
One came in, touched me, was a terrific confidente. Went away too.
Whatever the reasons, they have left prints in my life; heart - some indelible, some fading, some wounds. Some taught lessons, some brought me laughters, some shared sorrows.
Somehow, I wish things would be different. That life could be less complicated. That some of them haven't left. That I shouldn't been like I was.
Sorry to you. =(

But there's no second take on life. Life is no 'fanciful' movie.
I'm only left with memories, guilt a little, thoughts aplenty.

It's time to ponder, and reflect, with all seriousness, the way to manage life.
Having proper time management, juggling time between the people that mean alot to me;
treating them with all the sincerity one could muster; loving them.
It's not the quantity, but the quality of time spent that matters.
I have been neglecting my family; I'll definitely set things right.
I kinda disappointed my closer friends, and I was burning with guilt earlier on. But I'm glad all's fine now. I'm really sorry.
Frustrated with myself at times for not being able to handle the simplest of things. It shouldn't have been lost. It shouldn't. So darn sorry.

I'm finally, entirely, certain of how I'm feeling. It seems too certain to be true. Dream-like.
Never felt this way. Never felt so right.
But to trudge on grounds I was so wary of once again.... Guess I'm not ready.
I know I will be, though.

And to my dear friend, Michelle, stay strong as ever. Love you!

&the beauty.

Friday, April 10, 2009
10:23:00 PM

Feeling all vexed.

Quoted from the movie Defiance: "Freedom begins with an act of defiance!"
But nah, can't do. Family ties at stake.
Still, I just wish my mom would cut me some slack.

On a brighter note, dinnered & movied with enchou, nigel & kat yesterday since enchou's entering NS tomorrow.
Wanted to dinner at the new Tamp One but Kat kept pouring endless cold water; no choice headed to TM; and then she went "I wanna go training". We ate at Yoshinoya without her.

Kept playing Tap Tap Revenge 2 on my Touch & Nigel the DJMax pro thrashed all my hi-scores, even for my favourite song Tap Tap Domination! Manage to beat him though, after trying loadsa times today at home.

Bus-ed down to eHub. Arcade for awhile. Caught the 9.50pm movie. I like Cathay!
Fast & Furious 4 was awesome! The first 15 mins was awfully thrilling. Love the action, love the drifting, love the adrenaline rushing. Love the movie!

Reached home at 12.30am. That explained my mom's over-reaction today. Sigh.
Back to vex-ing. And some other stuffs as well.
Overwhelmed with mixed emotions.
Been a long week. and TGIF! before the clock strikes 12! =)

&the beauty.

Sunday, April 05, 2009
12:54:00 AM

Another week brisked by!! Time waits for no man.

Had loads of guilty meals this past two weeks. Got to GYM.

&the beauty.

Sunday, March 29, 2009
10:36:00 AM

Night driving lesson was cool.

If only I could already drive.
I'd be cruising on expressways.
I'd wound down the window;
let the wind take those damn thoughts away,
& blow me back to where I long to be.

Woooo! What a great way to unwind. Provided I don't crash.
But for now, sleeping it off would probably be the best deal.

&the beauty.

Saturday, March 28, 2009
12:38:00 AM

David Cook's voice way way awesome. Slow rock! His love songs are the best. =)

Alas another week ended... not explicitly since weekends haven't arrive yet, but basically the interview's over and i'm glad it is. Cool experience. But it's darn long. The whole thing lasted over 2 hours! Reached 4.55pm, left 7.35pm. We were ushered into this room where we sit in pairs and I was sitting beside this girl from SP who was 3 yrs older. Chatted a little. Eased some tension (if there were even any). And then they went on saying how there are 7000 applicants, where only 2000 get shortlisted, and of which 700 would be admitted. So we should be pretty honoured to be sitting right there. Okay.

Followed which was comprehension passage. Goodness...... Not expecting this, totally =S 20 minutes. It was about some 47 yr old dude ranting about facebook.. pretty humorous passage. I kept smiling to myself. lol!!!

Next the essay. 45mins. Pretty smooth. Lucky me, didn't have any writer's block or something, the juice kept coming so I just kept on writing. Fun. It's been a long time since I penned anything down literally. The topic was about whether is it better to assume the best and get disappointed, or assume the worse and be surprised. I like to tackle such questions... abstract. No real hard facts needed. Of course, I took the optimistic stand. A life of cowardice isn't going to be fulfilling, ever.

Had a short break. & they gave us 10 minutes to read this certain article "Brighter and Better". The article focused on how the general populace stereotype people working in Wall Street the "best and brightest". At least that was how I thought, and so I scribbled some stuffs pertaning to this. Right, ushered to a classroom. U-Shape tables. 2 Prof in front. Ever so familiar. Andddd, to my utmost 'horror', the discussion started off in an entire different direction. I was for a moment LOST. LOL. Or perhaps for many many moments. Damn. There were 8 of us, and I've gotta say at least 5 of them spoke real real real real well. So yeah. =) Wooo. I was really awed. Though I manage to throw out some comments, they weren't as insightful, so yea I guess I got defeated. It's time to learn. Communication skills!

So there goes. If I'm in, it goes to show SMU Business interview was just for show and doesn't really count much for. If I'm not, then I guess I'll just take it in my stride and head to NTU! 3 yrs course, fast and furious!! hahahaha =)

Back to today.My great CF sent me to SMU!!!!!!!! Met him at Tamp library first because he said he wanna borrow Tuesdays With Morrie. He's always like that, not saying anything. I really thought he just wanted me to accompany him get his book. =.= lol. I asked him where ya going then, and he said City hall lol. Okay... But it's really sweet of him. Yeah (: Probably that's why my heart ain't really pumping very hard when we reached the place. Thanks so much! He always reckon I don't appreciate it but I DO, really.

So after the interview, Kat, Eden and Zhu En walked over to SMU to find me since my interview overshot an hr. (I thought it'll end 630pm.) lol... And then we headed to Mos Burger, and we were wondering what we should do. And then, helium balloons popped up in our conversation.... I wonder how. We were talking about drinking, arhhhh, and then out of the blue Eden mentioned how helium could make your voice go higher. And I didn't believe, so he suggested we try it out, and so we did. Bought the balloon $2 each (crapppp!!!) and then we went to Bedok's skate park to experiement! It was helluva hilarious. Really darn. Laughed till my sides hurt. The chipmunk voices. I'll upload photos on facebook though. Kinda lazy to upload here. AND VIDEOS LOL. Took video of the each of us. HAHA. Eden heralded the experiment anyway and it was soooooooooooooo funny. ZE says he'll post the videos on YouTube.

This week breezed real fast!! Time's passing too fast, and I can't seem to take everything in at one go. Perhaps it must be the good times I'm enjoying. hoho. But then, something's prickling me. It's just I'm unsure how to go about, well, going about it. And, I'm unsure how should I describe what I'm feeling now because all I'm sure of is that I'm unsure.. unsure.. unsure......

But all that I can comprehend of myself is that i'm definitely enjoying this uncertainty. lol, i think insanity has me engulfed. It sure does get a little frustrating at times. Don't know what I'm getting myself in... But still. haha! Optimism bites me ;)

Backtracking.......... Caught Detroit Metal City too on Tuesday night with Louis and his classmates. When I saw the trailer, I was like................... But the movie turned out great! Way funny. LOL. That L. Not what I expected. This was better than all the past past past movies I've watched this year so far. =) And I finally got the long awaited L4D file. Wooo, shooting zombies. I thought it was just plain shooting brainless zombies. Apparently not. Been playing with Nigel n EnChou. lol. Darn i keep shooting teammates. and I really have no idea what's going on. Shucks. Anyhow spam the machine gun. funny!

Anyway WOW. I started this post at 12am, and it's 3am. Just felt like updating what's going in my life before I start to miss them all. Anyhow I doubt anyone really read word for word. It's one wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chunk of darn words. Heh. Well time for bed.

Stranger; Your Call.
oh yea you called. (:

&the beauty.

Saturday, March 21, 2009
3:57:00 PM

Oh shucks. A wash of emotions plunged onto me all of a sudden, after reading something, somewhere. It's not like it's anything dreadful though, but i'm left at a loss. Complete loss, prima facie. I don't know what I should do to ease this unsettling stirrings inside me.. Letting nature take its own course kinda seem harder that I thought so. And I really can't comprehend anything else either. My engine kinda revving up too much, yet again. Its time to cool down. (Lifts the accerlerator pedal.)
Its so close, yet so far...

Received a call from SMU today telling me I got shortlisted for the Business interview. And its on coming Friday 5.15pm. Did some research online, and so the interview includes an ESSAY WRITING!?!?! >>> SO COOL, and a group discussion of 8 with 2 professors base on a random article. I've got some guts feeling its gonna be on the bad economy. hohohohoho. It's good game, or not? Man its gonna be so exciting. My heart's racing now! Bring it on!!!

Driving was great. Finally gotten use to the biting point of the car and everything. Just felt kind of irritated when my instructor kept asking me to keep slow, slow, slow. I barely even hit 50kmph! Hectic week coming to an end, just one more soka meeting tonight and I'm so gonna relax.
Argh, but the prospect of the SMU interview is wrecking me up!! Chill man, chill!!!

&the beauty.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
11:11:00 PM

Yeah, half a week gone. Can't wait to get over this week. I'll be able to breathe a little easier then. Time passes fast really.. I'm into the second week of work now. Despite the mundane office life, its rather pleasant working at Schindler. The people are friendly and i get an assortment of tasks to do, though i think ive kinda got a knack to 'spoil' things. lol. but at least its a laugh! Hoho.

mind block. i suppose i need sleep. what with 5-6hrs these days. damn.

&the beauty.


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